Thursday, June 18, 2009

Khmer song RHM DVD 07 Saveth & Nisa _ Kraom Mek Poa Khiev

Khmer Song About adopted. like me

Khmer Cambodia Cambodian Food Recipe Tutorial Tuk Kroeung Thuk Fish Dip Music Song Vil Ving Oun Grilled Beef Pahok Dipping Sauce

Cambodian (Khmer) Grilled Beef with Pahok Dipping Sauce/Salad (Sach Ko Tuk Prohok)

I also made this dish with variation, check out that recipe here

This is our family recipe. While there are many version of Tuk Pahok, we like ours to be crunchy, appealing and yet still have that delicious taste of Pahok. If you like your version to be watery, you can reduce or omit some of the ingredients here.

Lime juice is the dominant flavor in the dipping sauce/salad used to enliven the tender slices of grilled beef in this dish.

Lemongrass Stalks
Jalapeno Peppers (sub with Bell peppers for a milder taste)
Asian Mint Leaves aka Vietnamese Mint
Fermented Fish aka Pickle Fish (Pahok)